1. Cool Greetings from a fresh Jeep accident!

    I just made this account as I am trying to find a discontinued part for my Jeep Cherokee Country lol but I was browsing on here and figured I'd introduce myself first--I'm Sam and I am a Jeepaholic.

    I was in a 3 vehicle rear end accident a few weeks back and luckily my baby is repairable--the at fault person's insurance deemed it a total loss (solely because of the cost to fix it, not the damage sustained) and I found a mechanic that told me it just needs a new front and rear bumper (phew!). Anywho, this place seems the place to get info on anything Jeep related and I wanted to say hello first before I go digging for help.

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    Re: Greetings from a fresh Jeep accident!

    Welcome @scahn86. The good news is you and your passengers are safe and the repairs seem relatively minor after an accident. Should be able to locate a front and rear bumper from the local pick-n-pull yard. Simple to remove and install the replacement parts.

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    Re: Greetings from a fresh Jeep accident!

    Welcome to the board . Vehicles can be replaced or repaired. Hopefully no one got hurt.


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