1. New to forum, need direction. 2015 jeep Grand

    Been off the grid for a grip, readjusting to simply USING a cpu. Cant seem to find any threads that match the info i am looking for.

    I need to find out what happened to my transmission when an auto shop put the wrong fluid in. I drive a lot for my job, and my transmission is not the same since it happened.
    I had to keep working when I knew something was wrong and I drove 6000+ miles not knowing it had the incorrect fluid

    They replaced the pan and the filter and said its ready to go but it is still stuttering a lot especially when I'm in traffic.

    Any info would be helpful
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    Re: New to forum, need direction. 2015 jeep Grand

    Welcome to Jeepz.com

    It seems odd that they changed the pan - I've never worked on a Grand Cherokee, but that doesn't seem like a routine item to change. The filter does make sense. Was it the same shop who "fixed" the problem as created it? Do you know if they changed the fluid with a machine, or if they just dropped the pan and drained it?

    If it were me, I'd start by going to your local auto parts store and asking them to read your Jeep's computer codes. There may be something there that can help.

    BTW - how did you find out it had the wrong fluid? Did the shop fess up?
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    Re: New to forum, need direction. 2015 jeep Grand

    A pan drop and refill does not completely drain the transmission. If in fact the wrong fluid went in, you need a complete and very thorough flush, and that will cost quite a bit more than a drop/drain/top.

    A shop that puts in a wrong fluid is not a good place to go for a correction. Go to a good shop for the fix. And it will be hard to prove the fluid is wrong and who put the wrong fluid in.

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    New to forum, need direction. 2015 jeep Grand

    What did they put in the first time and how much?

    Is this the first ever change? How many miles since the last change before the mishap?

    As stated by both above you need a full flush. Hopefully it's only the weight oil being off and not full flush missing clutch ware inhibitors, or an acidic fluid.
    And yeah find a reputable place let them know what happened maybe ask them if they provide professional witness services and document the poor repair should you take the first place to court.


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    Re: New to forum, need direction. 2015 jeep Grand

    and enjoy the forum!
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