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    Hey guys, new to the form to Jeep to care. 86 CJ and my girl just got a 93 Wrangler. The problem is it's draining my battery about to alternators and I replace the battery once. I am dumbfounded all I can help you with is it does have a stereo I haven't looked at the total connections yet. But is it possible or what is causing the drainage? And is it possible the stereo is? Please help. Thanks. Thanks. And we're talking about the 93 Wrangler. Thanks. Appreciate any help I can get.

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    Take a deep breath.
    So the 93YJ has a battery drain issue.
    Do you know how to use a DMM? In current mode?
    If so disconnect the negative terminal and place the meter between the battery and cable to measure current. Once you have the correct current setting you should see less than 50mA. Key on you will see more maybe 100mA.
    Start pulling fuses if you see more. Pull the fuse and look for a drop in current., The current will drop when you hit the offending circuit.
    There are two fuse boxes. One inside and one outside.
    Relays too they could be leaky.
    If current is low then look at the alternator and connections. Is the alternator charging. Battery voltage engine off should be 12.6v running 14.4v max

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