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    Blackjeep high five to all - New to this site and forum

    Just registered today to this site - been jeepin since 2000. Have a rescued 93 YJ Renegade (second owner) Did all the repairs myself. An insurance totaled unit -Left front frame rail was bent 4 inches down and left - hard hit in snow to tree. Popped the main drive line out but was able to limp her home on the two front's - HA! - Had to replace - rear end & Dr line/new 4" lift kit cuz it was cheaper than replacing all the destroyed parts/core support/radiator/water pump/fan & clutch assy./bumper/hood/windshield - and yada yada yada. lucky to have a friend with a body shop to straighten that frame rail and do some prime and paint. Made the mistake of taking my jeep to Galveston TX. it was there for two years. The salt environment there is horrible on ferrous metal's - the joke there is " even Styrofoam rust's in Galveston" - Urrrggg!

    Soooooo, How do I eliminate the ever annoying ABS system on my baby since I blew a brake line from the rust ?????
    Looks like I will have to replace a lot of parts from the salt attack. Those power steering hose's look they need to be R&R'd too. To bad I found a product called " salt-away" on amazon after the fact.

    Sorry this was so long for opening post - ESP

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    Re: Blackjeep high five to all - New to this site and forum

    Welcome @blackjeep93 ...saving the squares!

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    Re: Blackjeep high five to all - New to this site and forum

    Experience is desired!
    None required!

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    Re: Blackjeep high five to all - New to this site and forum

    and enjoy the forum!
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