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    Life Long Jeeper

    Greetings all! I'm Nick from Cal Bay Area.

    Drove my first jeep when I was 13. My neighbor bought a new CJ and after staring at it in his driveway day after day, he said if I wiped the drool off my face I could drive it in a parking lot!

    Years later I picked up a beaten up and neglected 94 YJ. Rebuilt the little 4 cylinder, port matched and a header later, it was running. Red, 2.5" lift? 33s. Went from 410s to 488s and all of a sudden I could use 5th gear! With most projects, lots of other work was involved. Have had him for almost 8 very enjoyable years now! Almost died in him last summer. Trust me, it's the other drivers you have no control over. A bit of a wake up call.

    I'm upgrading and looking at a 2018 Unlimited JK Sport S. It has Airbags! Maybe just what I need. I'll be looking for some advice soon. I'm planning on 3.5" lift and 35s. Thank you for reading if you made it all the way to the end. Nick Life Long Jeeper-20190804_125244.jpeg

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    Re: Life Long Jeeper

    You bet, Jeeps have evolved over the years. I'd love to get one of the new Jeep trucks in the Rubicon model, but have too much in my 2002 Wrangler to give it up.

    Thanks for posting the pic and telling your story!

    Here's to the Jeep Wave!

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    Re: Life Long Jeeper

    Any reason you are looking at a sport model ?

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    Re: Life Long Jeeper

    I wanted some basic luxuries. I've been spoiled with my Lariat and have missed things in my YJ like Power Windows, Cruise Control and such.

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    Re: Life Long Jeeper

    and enjoy the forum!
    07 JKU with a lot of mods.
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    Re: Life Long Jeeper

    I pulled the Trigger!Life Long Jeeper-20200424_142119.jpegLife Long Jeeper-20200530_070903.jpegLife Long Jeeper-20200530_115011.jpeg

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  7. Re: Life Long Jeeper

    Welcome aboard! That's a nice Jeep! Congratulations

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