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    Second Jeep, this one has a real lift thanks to Jeff Daniel's Jeeps (first one had a spacer lift, apologies to Jeff Daniel's Jeeps).

    I took the Offroad Consulting 101 and 202 classes, didn't have any issues (drove an M151 Mutt in the US Army in 79-85).

    No trail rides listed for Rausch or AOAA this weekend. How does a new Jeep'er hook up with other Jeep'ers for trail riding?


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    Re: Shouting out from Devon, PA

    Well you picked the right places to start. Rausch Creek was a 40 min drive when i lived in PA.

    Jeep club, if there are any in the area. Ask at the creek fir events or groups coming in.

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    Re: Shouting out from Devon, PA


    Check the Interwebs for information on state off-road associations and club listings. Attend a few events to find a group that fits you, the groups tend to vary widely in what they like to do with their Jeeps so it is key to find the right fit to have the most fun.

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    Re: Shouting out from Devon, PA

    and enjoy the forum!
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    Welcome to the forums, Don! Enjoy

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    Re: Shouting out from Devon, PA

    Welcome! Rausch Creek and Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area are great sites to get some Jeep fun. Check my avatar

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