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    2nd Wrangler

    Finally got another Wrangler. I originally had an 97 TJ Green/Tan . Ended up selling it in 2009 and regretted it forever. In between I owned a Honda and a Mazda Miata. Great cars but not a Jeep.

    I've been looking for over a year. Couldn't find one. Either too expensive or too many miles. Finally found a great 2014 JK V6 Manual, 2dr soft top. Apparently its a rather rare limited color. Its called "Anvil" kind of a blue/gray. I've had it 2 weeks and I gotta lot of positive compliments about the color.
    I'm stoked to finally have another Wrangler and it will never be sold

    I'm glad to get back into Jeeps and the community. I missed it. Although with so many Jeeps on the road now, the one thing I forgot about is the non stop "Jeep Wave". But then, oddly, I kind of missed it. Oh well, wave on!

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    Welcome to the forum! Congrats on your new Wrangler.

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    Welcome! Enjoy the community

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