1. Hailing from Cajun Cajun country

    Iíve been a jeep man my whole life. My first vehicle was an 82í Cj-7, second was 92 YJ, third was a 98 Grand Cherokee, then fast forward I had 2014 JK and I had evo coilover suspension dynatrac pro rock 44 front, all steering changed sitting on 37x 13.5 swampers. Divorce hit and I had to sell it. Well Iím finally back in the game. I have a 2015 JK with a small terafkex lift (canít tell exactly which one it is). Iím ready to start beefing this guy up. Unfortunately a few days after purchasing I experienced the death wobble so steering components and alignment are first on the list
    Has anyone had experience with carbon creations carbon fiber fender flares. I will post in the appropriate forum but just throwing it out there.
    They donít make them anymore to my knowledge but I found a fender that had front and back so I pulled the trigger. They are handmade and say installation is little different for each set. I was just curious if anyone has them. Any meat hello from Deep South Louisiana. Glad to be back in the cult

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    Re: Hailing from Cajun Cajun country

    Welcome to the board. And no experience with carbon creations.

    Never look down on anyone unless you are helping them up - Jesse Jackson
    "Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up" - Jesse Jackson

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    Re: Hailing from Cajun Cajun country

    Welcome! Nor do i with that company
    03 rhd tj

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