I started this link on some other forums so sorry for the last minute add-on but I am just looking at everywhere I can to get this posted:

I know it is last minute on my part but I had to wait for the part time job schedule to be posted, lets do what we can to put one together for next Tues night(June 19) for 6:30PM. I know I probably wont get a large group this time with such a short notice but if everyone could spread the word as much as possible via text, and other forum they are on, Facebook, etc then maybe we can at least get a few rigs there. The next date will have more notice but lets just do somethig for now. The address is 701 Grant Street, Franklin PA, if anyone needs directions feel free to text me 570-407-3226, again sorry for the short notice but lets just do what we can. There is an under 21 room at this bar so please bring your kids if you want to, mine will be there, I want this as family oriented as possible even though we are doing the bar thing!