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    aFe Cold Air Intake

    I had been planned on installing a cold air intake for some time, and after looking at a number of kits (it seems like everyone is making one these days) I settled on the aFe. The aFe (advanced flow engineering) intake is a well thought out kit that includes everything you'll need. The filter is available in either standard paper filter or an oiled version - I went with the paper version to make cleaning easier.

    When UPS dropped off the package I was a bit nervous, as it (the box) seemed pretty beat up, and I could feel things rolling around inside. It turns out that was no big deal, as everything in the package was break resistant, but still it wasn't a great first impression.

    aFe Cold Air Intake-afe-cold-air-intake-01.jpg

    aFe Cold Air Intake-afe-cold-air-intake-02.jpg

    Once I pulled everything out of the box and laid it out I was fairly pleased. The kit is complete, and even included three window stickers and a license plate frame - so other drivers would know how fast I was ;-)

    aFe Cold Air Intake-afe-cold-air-intake-03.jpg

    The instructions were well thought out and made installing the kit a breeze. You can see my full install here (Install a cold air intake on a Jeep Wrangler TJ).

    aFe Cold Air Intake-afe-wrangler-cold-air-intake-install-instructions.jpg

    Also included in the kit were detailed instructions on how to clean the filter

    aFe Cold Air Intake-afe-wrangler-intake-cleaning-instructions.jpg

    Overall I'm very happy with this kit. It isn't any louder than stock at idle (although it is louder than stock when you are at wide open throttle), and it seems to work well.
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    aFe intake after a mudding trip

    Here are shots of my intake after a trip out on the trails. As you can see it did a fairly good job of keeping mud off of the filter and out of the engine.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails aFe Cold Air Intake-after-mudding-jeep-air-intake-001.jpg  

    aFe Cold Air Intake-after-mudding-jeep-air-intake-002.jpg  

    aFe Cold Air Intake-after-mudding-jeep-air-intake-003.jpg  

    aFe Cold Air Intake-after-mudding-jeep-air-intake-004.jpg  

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