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    Tuff Customs Speed Liner 1000

    Hey Everyone,

    This weekend I asked Tuff Customs to spray my tub with their Speed Liner 1000®. I must say, I am truly impressed and happy. I want to give a proper review for this product because Mike and Kathryn deserve a proper pat-on-the-back award.

    I can easily be confused. Ever since I started setting up the project with Kathryn, I miss-heard/misunderstand/anything you can think of, I was getting it wrong. Kathryn almost had to hold my hand through the whole thing. But being a honest business, they really did set out to keep the customer happy; me, and I am. Anyways, on to the pictures.

    Mike gutted my jeep to start the prep work:


    Then he taped and buffed to get the tub ready for spray:


    And here is the results:




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    re: Tuff Customs Speed Liner 1000

    Looks like they did a good job.
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    re: Tuff Customs Speed Liner 1000

    I saw a Toyota 4X4 pickup with this stuff (or something similar) sprayed on inside and out on all painted surfaces. It looked pretty durable.

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    re: Tuff Customs Speed Liner 1000

    Continuing the review, I want to add some more detailed observations:

    I have gone over the TJ with a fine tooth comb and white glove looking for splatter/spash spots where they may have accidentally applied the liner where they didn't intend to. There are no such spots, the tape off job they did was spot on and they were professional enough to only spray what they were intending to spray.

    Having said that, this following picture is what Mike didn't spray:


    This is underneath the center console, around the shifter knob/4wd shifter knob. But I'm not deducting points on this. I'm not bothered by this whatsoever. Obviously there will be a center console to cover that spot up, no one will see it in my jeep, so no worries at all. I have no doubt that if I would have asked for that to be sprayed because I have some big crazy plan that involves that area to be exposed, Mike wouldn't have even blinked. Counting today, I have 48 hours invested in time with the lining and so far, this could be the only "negative" that I have seen. And I don't really like labeling that as a negative... more of a neutral.

    So not to end on a negative note, I'll talk about all the positives I've experienced with Tuff Customs. Firstly, Kathryn is a doll when it comes to customer relations, as is Mike (well... not a DOLL per say...). They are out to make friends through customers, not vice versa. I was misleading in my time line with Kathryn, but when I showed up at the shop unannounced, Mike dropped what he was doing and began working on the TJ ASAP. He pumped it out within 24 hours (which, if you're quoting Rhino Liner or Line-X, they will tell you 2-3 day turn around) on a weekend with minimal heads up. If I hadn't been there with my wife to pick up the Jeep, I would have definitely stayed longer to chat up Jeeps with him and shoot ideas back and forth. They followed my requests perfectly, I got them to gut my Jeep and leave all but the necessities. When I showed up, Mike was busy putting the finishing bolts on to the seats and I was able to talk off-roading with him and Kathryn. Truly great people.

    As time goes by, I will will keep adding points to this product as I come across them. One final pic of the jeep with the liner with my GEAR seat covers in there:

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    re: Tuff Customs Speed Liner 1000

    Thanks for the post pizaba. It was great meeting and working with you.

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