In an effort to make my Wrangler stop better I upgraded the brake pads and rotors. The pads I went with were EBC Yellow Stuff, and the rotors were Centric. My choice of Centric was mainly because they are said to mate well with the Yellow Stuff pads. There's not too much to be said about rotors, but these seem to be well made, and have stood up well over the last 10,000 miles.

These are great rotors, and if I ever need to buy another set I'll be purchasing Centric again.

The best price I could find was on Amazon:

Centric Rotors-img_3903-wrangler-brake-pads.jpg

Centric Rotors-img_3904-wrangler-brake-pads.jpg

Centric Rotors-img_3905-wrangler-brake-pads.jpg

Centric Rotors-img_3907-wrangler-brake-pads.jpg

Centric Rotors-img_3908-wrangler-brake-pads.jpg