I've recently installed some Rough Country 2.2 Shocks (part numbers 22004 and 22005) on my 2005 TJ with 2.5 inches of suspension lift. I'm pretty happy with them overall - the ride is better than the Rubicon Express shocks that they replaced. They were pretty cheap (I ordered directly from Rough Country and used the Jeepz.com discount - just mention that you're a member).

The most attractive thing about these shocks is that they mount upside down (can up), this allowed me more room between the rear axle and the shock (the previous shocks were making contact with the axle).

Overall - good shocks at a great price.

Rough Country 2.2 Shocks-img_2184-rough-country-2_2-shocks.jpg

Rough Country 2.2 Shocks-img_2185-rough-country-2_2-shocks.jpg

Rough Country 2.2 Shocks-img_2186-rough-country-2_2-shocks.jpg

Rough Country 2.2 Shocks-img_2195-rough-country-2_2-shocks.jpg

Rough Country 2.2 Shocks-img_2196-rough-country-2_2-shocks.jpg