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    Dupli-Color Custom Wrap

    One of my front fenders had some paint eaten off, and it had bothered me for sometime, but not bad enough to actually repaint it. Today while in my local parts store, I noticed some Dupli-Color Custom Wrap. I've seen this advertised on Extreme Offroad, and since it was only ten bucks, I decided to give it a try.

    I chose "Matte Black Metallic"

    Dupli-Color Custom Wrap-img_2353_duplicolor_custom_wrap.jpg

    I started by taping off both of my front fenders, then by removing my hood latches and turn signals, and finally wiping down both fenders with Isopropyl Alcohol.

    Dupli-Color Custom Wrap-img_2348_duplicolor_custom_wrap.jpg

    Dupli-Color Custom Wrap-img_2350_duplicolor_custom_wrap.jpg

    Dupli-Color Custom Wrap-img_2357_duplicolor_custom_wrap.jpg

    Following the directions, I started with a light first coat

    Dupli-Color Custom Wrap-img_2358_duplicolor_custom_wrap.jpg

    I then sprayed a new coat every ten minutes, as per the instructions. After about three coats I started to get a bit nervous, the can would spit a bit, leaving globs on the finish. after a few minutes I used my finger to smooth these out.

    Dupli-Color Custom Wrap-img_2378_duplicolor_custom_wrap.jpg

    Dupli-Color Custom Wrap-img_2379_duplicolor_custom_wrap.jpg

    Dupli-Color Custom Wrap-img_2381_duplicolor_custom_wrap.jpg

    After the recommended 6 coats, I slowly pulled off the masking tape. As you can see, it looks pretty blotchy and wet.

    Dupli-Color Custom Wrap-img_2382_duplicolor_custom_wrap.jpg

    Dupli-Color Custom Wrap-img_2383_duplicolor_custom_wrap.jpg

    Most of the tape came off cleanly, but there were a few sections where the coating wanted to pull away with the tape.

    Dupli-Color Custom Wrap-img_2386_duplicolor_custom_wrap.jpg

    These are some shots after about two hours of drying time. As you can see, the initial bumps and ridges smoothed out by themselves, and the finished coat is much more uniform. It looks much better after drying.

    Dupli-Color Custom Wrap-img_2394_duplicolor_custom_wrap.jpg

    Dupli-Color Custom Wrap-img_2395_duplicolor_custom_wrap.jpg

    Dupli-Color Custom Wrap-img_2396_duplicolor_custom_wrap.jpg

    Dupli-Color Custom Wrap-img_2397_duplicolor_custom_wrap.jpg

    Dupli-Color Custom Wrap-img_2398_duplicolor_custom_wrap.jpg

    Things to note - the directions say that you don't need to mask off anything. While this is technically true, once the over-spray is dry, it's a pain to get off - it's easy if there's a full layer of over-spray, but if it's just a dusting, then you have to scrub it off. I'd suggest masking stuff you don't want sprayed.

    If doing this again, I'd probably leave the latches and turn signals in place, and tape around them. Since I removed them and painted under them, it'll probably make pulling off the Dupli-Color more difficult. Not a big deal, I just probably made more work for myself.

    Overall I'm very happy with the results. I've only had this on for one day, so I can't speak to how long this will last, but initially it looks great, especially for only $10. It does a good job of covering all the bumps and ridges, especially considering that I didn't sand or scuff first.
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    Re: Dupli-Color Custom Wrap

    Pictures look like you did a good job

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    Re: Dupli-Color Custom Wrap

    After a week or so of rain and sun it still looks good

    Dupli-Color Custom Wrap-img_20170104_165539_1024x1024-7e3.jpg

    Dupli-Color Custom Wrap-img_20170104_165548_1024x1024-7e2.jpg

    Dupli-Color Custom Wrap-img_20170104_165556_1024x1024-7e2.jpg

    Dupli-Color Custom Wrap-img_20170104_165609_1024x1024-7e2.jpg

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  4. Re: Dupli-Color Custom Wrap

    That stuff looks very useful.. You did a goodcjob on the fenders.

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