I'm keen on trying to keep my Jeep rust free, and living in an east coast beach town, that can be a hard thing to do. Last summer I decided to try a rust preventative, and after doing some research I decided to try Fluid Film. I picked my can up at Home Depot for around $10, but you can also get it on Amazon - one can was enough to do my entire Jeep.

Fluid Film rust protection-img_2362_fluid-film-rust-protection-jeep.jpg

If your Jeep is really dirty, you should hose it off and give that time to dry, however all I did was spray it on the frame of my Jeep, and the axles. It isn't slick like tire shine, but instead it is sticky, and really clings. The smell isn't too bad. It has a pretty strong stream, so you can really reach everywhere.

Fluid Film rust protection-img_2370_fluid-film-rust-protection-jeep.jpg

This is what it looks like after you've applied it:

Fluid Film rust protection-img_2375_fluid-film-rust-protection-jeep.jpg

It's now a year later, and I'd say this was money well spent. The film itself lasted the entire winter. I plan to apply this again. If you live in the rust belt, then you should check this out.