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    new member

    Howdy folks, new member here, texas born and raised, live in the dfw area, have a 1976 jeep j10 honcho, just installed anew 360 in it, with lots of go fast goodies, old 401 put down 228 hp, 414...
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    Re: 360 engine with edelbrock air gap

    the edelbrock air gap has the bowl raised from the manifild to allow air to circulate under the the plenum so as to help keep the air/fuel mix cooler, I have one with a edelbrock 750 cfm on my 360,...
  3. Re: my 1976 j10 jeep will not get overdrive when speed is over 40 mph why?

    most of the 1976's are turbo 400's, check your vacuum source is connected to tranny, it normally also has an electric kickdown, verify connedt and attached to throttle.
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