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    Re: Jk drag link recommendations please

    Thanks. I will call tomorrow
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    Jk drag link recommendations please

    The ball joint on the drag link of my 2012 wrangler unlimited rubicon needs to be replaced. I can find a million of just about every other part of this Jeep except this. Can someone point me in the...
  3. Re: 2018 JK Unlimited, cranks but won't start after dual battery tray install

    Do you have another key? Is it possible the Jeep has a chip in the key that lost programming?
  4. Re: 87 YJ, no spark - New coil, ignition module, condenser, distributor HELP!

    Check the wire that goes from the coil to the distributor.
  5. Thread: 2013 jk

    by Chevytruck_83

    Re: 2013 jk

    Anytime the problems your having with electrical don’t really make sense or they are intermittent the safe bet is to check your ground connections. Clean them and hit them with something like wd40 to...
  6. Re: Starting my jeep off starter with screwdriver cuz ignition just crapped out.

    Your post is confusing to me. Since I’m not exactly sure what your symptoms are I’ll list a couple scenereos and related problems.

    1. Your Jeep doesn’t crank with the key but starts fine with your...
  7. 2012 3.6 penstar cylinder head preventive maintenance?

    I just purchased a 2012 wrangler rubicon with the 3.6 penstar engine. The passenger side valve cover is leaking so I did some research to see how hard it is to replace. While reviewing the gasket...
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