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    Wife's new wrangler

    That's amazing! I thought I was doing good at 17mpg with my 2 door 2010 JK that the window sticker said should be 15mpg.
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    Found on Facebook Marketplace

    I wonder how long it's been there.
  3. 4 wheelin

    4 wheelin

    not a jeep but my great grandson out 4 wheelin with his parents
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    Time for another water pump

    I buy most of my parts at AutoZone opting for the parts with a lifetime warranty. I've gotten good service out of most of their parts although I can't remember the last time I had to change out a water pump on anything other than my tractor.
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    CJ7 No Heat after new heater core and blower

    What is the engine temp? If the hose going to the heater core is cold once the engine has reached operating temps there must be some sort of restriction so I'd start by disconnecting/inspecting it. If the thermostat was faulty you'd either over heat or the engine would take a long time to reach...
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    Happy New Year!

    Hope y'all have a great New Year! seems like since I quit drinking there have been more new brands come out than there used to be
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    What is everyone asking for Christmas?

    I just want to see everyone healthy and able to come to the house for Christmas. I had COVID last year which necessitated canceling our Christmas.
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    What does this tire valve tool do?

    It can be used to remove/tighten the valve core along with depressing it to remove some air. I have one somewhere, don't think I've ever seen the blue one before.
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    O ring seal for transmission filler tube (dipstick)..

    If you have a hydraulic shop near you they normally have a good selection of O rings that would stand up well to oil.
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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    a little late but happy thanksgiving to y'all! This year all the kids, grandkids and great grandkids came - full house but an enjoyable day.
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    Recommendations for exterior dash cams

    Does it need to be on the exterior? Mine is mounted to the inside of the windshield in the neighborhood of the mirror. I'd have to go look to see what brand it is - a gift from my son.
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    Do all powder coat finishes look terrible after a couple of years?

    Powder coats typically dry to a harder film than regular enamels which is why they normally outlast regular paint - it also makes them harder to prep for repaint.
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    Do all powder coat finishes look terrible after a couple of years?

    Powder coat should outlast regular paint. The process involves sandblasting the metal first. Perhaps the prep was lacking on your sliders. If all the powder coat is scuffed up and any/all rust removed it should paint well although it doesn't hurt to take it down to clean metal. Paint in rattle...
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    Lube your zippers!

    The zippers on my top can be stubborn at times. I always figured it was partly from limited use and my 1/4 mile+ unpaved mountain driveway. What I do occasionally is take some household cleaner and spray the zipper working it up and down. Terry, I might try that if I can find it at our local...
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    Is it too soon for Halloween?

    IMO it's too early but I already seen Halloween stuff for sale in the stores. That said, if it suits you and yours - don't worry about what the rest think.
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    Shout out to the folks at Firestone Auto

    I broke a brake line once back in the 70s. I was fortunate that traffic was light but even so it wasn't any fun. Drove home using the parking brake.
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    Diagnosing this sound - rear wheel bearing?

    Have you pulled the wheel for a look see?
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    Broke my fuel pump while trying to install a skid.

    I feel your pain. I have a big dislike for plastic parts.
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    Replaced my TJ's computer / ECM - should I throw away my original?

    I had to replace one on my stepson's liberty. I bought it online and part of the deal was I had to send them the old one [I assume to rebuild] There was a significant cost savings sending the old one. I don't remember the name of the company I dealt with. .... but it might have value selling it...
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    Got ducked for the first time today

    I got ducked the other day while I was in walmart. I vaguely remembered this thread and had to google about jeep ducks to verify that's why there was a duck on my door handle.