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    The Jeep wave...

    When the top is off or the window open, I extend my hand out at an angle below the mirror. I figure it kind of differentiates from a high five typical wave. When closed in I wave over the steering wheel, pretty much like any other wave. I get mixed results with Wranglers the most likely to...
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    The Jeep wave...

    I don't think I've gotten a wave or even been flipped off by a 4 door Wrangler. Usually even the unmodified 2 doors don't know...the ones with the rusty factory issue wheels. I figure a 4 door would be a waste. The back seat has been in the barn under a tarp since I bought the 98...
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    Jeep on a ledge

    I just remembered digitally altering a shot of my Jeep. This was before I cropped out the one at the bottom (the actual position). This was a pile of pea gravel, which was like trying to climb a pile of marbles. Since it's where I work and didn't want to explain what I was doing stuck there...
  4. Double trouble

    Double trouble

    This is a Photoshop way of getting to the top. This is a pile of pea gravel and trying to climb it was like trying to climb a pile of marbles. So I used the computer to get to the top.
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    Jeep on a ledge

    I've done a fair amount of Photoshop and this wouldn't be all that difficult to do. As a matter of fact, that was my first thought upon seeing it. I still wouldn't care to walk there to get the ledge shot. But then there are climbers that would see this as a Walmart parking lot.
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    Jeep on a ledge

    Any more I'd be hard pressed to even walk on it.
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    Is the Jeep wave dying?

    I like XT's bumper sticker: "It's a Jeep thing, WAVE!". It's a much more inviting statement than "you wouldn't understand".
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    Best way to syphon gas?

    That's why I keep my truck. It ensures I can bring the boat to a stop in one piece...and it can pull the Jeep out when I get carried away in the mud.
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    Jeep on a ledge

    Yeah, and what do you do if someone comes from the other way?:D
  10. May Day

    May Day

    Switching tops on the Wrangler
  11. Rustic Road

    Rustic Road

    An old bridge on a northern Illinois back road after a 6 inch snow
  12. Through the fields and over the hills

    Through the fields and over the hills

    Dragging the undercarriage
  13. Front yard fun

    Front yard fun

    This was the first major snow (14") since I got this Jeep last spring. I drove around the yard and surrounding farm fields. Got stuck in drifts a couple of times for the "fun" of it.
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    Northern Illinois. I have to plow snow as part of my job, so I do get rather feed up with it. But I am looking forward to getting the TJ out in it. Had a YJ with basically street tires and it did great. I've got some aggressive all terrains, on this one so it should be awesome.
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    Tires Choices

    I just got a set of Cooper S/T 31 10.5 15. Partly because there was a buy 4 for the price of 3, plus a $75 rebate. They have a 50,000 mi warranty and I got the road hazard protection. I'm hoping they're a good all around tire. They're not too noisy either. Cooper makes an STT which is more...
  16. Groovin' Down The Highway

    Groovin' Down The Highway

    Comparing my all terrain tires to a recently grooved highway that's being prepared for paving.
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    This has to be STOPPED!!!

    I flushed my system out with this one
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    front axle U joints

    One added note. If heating the axle yokes, remove the rubber dust flange near the outer end of the shaft. I thought it was metal, until it became a black molten mass. Not a big deal, but now I have to wait for a replacement part.
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    front axle U joints

    Yes, those were part of the fun of getting things unstuck. Along with the new U joints, I picked up a Haynes repair book for Jeeps. Without it, I probably would have missed that part. It didn't really get into dealing with badly rust welded parts though. They do mention wheel bearing grease...
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    front axle U joints

    Thanks! I figured that might work, I just didn't want to mess up the axles with too much heat. But I guess they aren't much good with the bad U joints either.