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  1. AA-CJ7

    Climbing Out Of FOL

    The last obstacle to get out. Not only was it steep, but it was really narrow. Hop too far to the right and you're done.
  2. AA-CJ7

    1981 CJ Build Up

    Thanks guy's. They're True Hi 9's front and rear. So far they've been completely trouble free and they help keep the drive line out of the rocks. The WB is just over 107" and it climbs like a billy goat. The steering system is Howe and uses a TC pump. I've had it at some pretty wild...
  3. AA-CJ7

    Questions/Help with my TJ build

    When they're both wheeled hard, a D44 has the same limitations as a Super 30. They both will handle 35's but not hard wheeling with 37's. I had a D44 with Superior axles, ARB and 37" MTR's. I constantly broke chromoly axle shafts, U joints and knuckles. The Super 30 kit comes with 30...
  4. AA-CJ7

    Flop On FOL - Hammers

    When the Rover driver would spot someone he would say "More cowbell" if he wanted you to hit something faster or harder. Instead of pulling him over all at once I screwed with him a little bit. It's to be expected.
  5. AA-CJ7

    Full Of Love Part 1 - The Hammers

    You forget we have the Governator working on our infrastructure. That is the freeway.
  6. AA-CJ7

    Full Of Love Part 1 - The Hammers

    Thanks. If you're serious about running the Hammers you better make plans to do it within the next couple of years. There's a very real chance we'll be losing it to the Marines.
  7. AA-CJ7

    1981 CJ Build Up

    CJ7 Metamorphosis When I bought my CJ it was bone stock other than shackles, fuel injection, 33's and a missing front drive shaft. If it had been wheeled, it couldn't have been much. The skid plate looked untouched and the body was pristine. I only drove it one time, I took it to a local...
  8. AA-CJ7

    Enlighten Me!

    An LSD shouldn't brake loose as easy as you've explained. There are plenty of cars that brake both tires loose on asphalt. My Power Stroke has LSD and leaves two tracks of rubber. I have a couple of friends that have had the Aussie locker and had great luck with them. They're an easy install...
  9. AA-CJ7

    Enlighten Me!

    HiHood's correct. What you're describing is an open differential. If you have an LSD and that's happening, it's a sign your clutches are worn.
  10. AA-CJ7

    Questions/Help with my TJ build

    Unless I'm reading it wrong your post says "Upgrade to 4" short arm kit". A long arm kit will work better everywhere. 35" tires will make your PS pump work harder and it will produce more heat. An in-line cooler will help your PS pump live longer.
  11. AA-CJ7

    Questions/Help with my TJ build

    A 4" suspension with a 1" body lift should be enough for 35's. If you have any contact you can fiddle with the bump stops or trim the fenders. One word on your choice of lift kits; there are suspension systems and there are lift kits. A suspension system will keep your tires in contact with the...
  12. AA-CJ7

    Full Of Love Part 1 - The Hammers

    I looked, and I can say there is absolutely no love on this trail. This is one tough run. You can see at one point my front end get's real light. YouTube - Hammers- Full Of Love Part 1.mpg
  13. AA-CJ7

    Checking In From SoCal

    Hey Guy's, thanks for the welcome. HiHood, thanks for the comments here and in the video section. blkrubi88, I posted some pictures in the Reader' Rides section.
  14. AA-CJ7

    The Hammers - Backdoor

    If you watch the King Of The Hammers tapes you'll know about this obstacle. It can be real difficult, so most of the competitors stop and winch up. This is my first attempt at Backdoor.
  15. AA-CJ7

    did i choose the wrong gears???

    You could have gone with 4.88, but there's nothing wrong with your choice, especially for the highway. You made a 19% change in gearing which is substantial. One thing to remember is you added rolling weight, rolling resistance and wind resistance to your Jeep, all of which taxes the power of...
  16. 0055


  17. AA-CJ7

    Cakewalk - Johnson Valley

    Cakewalk is a little trail in Johnson Valley with some very cool spires and rock formations. We were there for the first time last month and found a small waterfall to climb.
  18. Backdoor - Hammer New Years 2010

    Backdoor - Hammer New Years 2010

    Backdoor @ The Hammers
  19. Full Of Love - Hammers

    Full Of Love - Hammers

  20. Full Of Love - Hammers

    Full Of Love - Hammers

    This is the only way off the trail.