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    Selling my 2004 Rubicon - 69,2xx miles - 4" Rough Country - MT Claws - DC1's

    I am selling my 2004 Rubicon with 69,2XX +/- miles (which is VERY LOW, about 7,500 miles a year. Industry average is 12k-15k year) with a 4" Rough Country Lift that has 33" Mickey Thompsons on DC1's and a TOM WOODS rear drive shaft. It has aftermarket aux lights, aftermarket Kenwood deck, 20%...
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    Siezed windshield bracket bolts

    Basically I enlisted the help of my neighbor (figured 2 heads are better than one) and we tried to use an extractor that I purchased at Home Depot and it broke off inside the bolt; just my luck:roll:. I tried to redrill it out but the bits I had weren’t cobalt so it was useless. So we basically...
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    Siezed windshield bracket bolts

    lol Thanks, I am trying to avoid drilling them out at all costs. I dont want to have to rethread the hole. I think I am going to try an ez out if I can't figure out anything else... Do you think the 2.5# sledge is to much and maybe should use a regular hammer? I trying to think of anything :cry:
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    Siezed windshield bracket bolts

    I am in a jam. I ordered the windshield mounts for a pair of KC lights so I begain to remove the Torx bolts. Well 3 of the 4 came out with minimal trouble. However the fourth is posing to be a pain in the... neck? Here is what I have done so far to remedy this situation... I began by soaking...
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    Idleing problems..Wont stay running

    Well, I cleaned the adapters on the TPS and the IAC Motor and also took off the intake hose cleaned inside the throttle body, opened up the valve and cleaned in there (it was pretty gross). I put it back togetehr and its running okay now. My dad dropped me off a new IAC motor and a new TPS just...
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    Idleing problems..Wont stay running

    Someone in another thread I googled called the "AIS Motor" and IAC...
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    Idleing problems..Wont stay running

    Hey Steel, Could it be the AIS motor? Someone my dad works with says thats the problem. I tried doing what you said and nothing changed. Its fine untill it warms up to operating temp.
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    Idleing problems..Wont stay running

    Thanks steel, Ill try that out in the morning.
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    Idleing problems..Wont stay running

    *sigh*:???: I dont know wtf is going on. Lets start from the begining.. Today I changed my oil and filter, checked fluids, checked air filter, differentials, cleaned battery posts and connecters, topped battery off with water,.. and thats about it. So after I was done, I started it up and...
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    My new Ground Pounder Fab Jeep bumper

    DAMN! You beat me to it!
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    TJ...water height?

    That damn global warming! :D
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    Rattleing noise, drivers side...

    I havnt heard the noise since my post here. *knock on wood*
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    RANCHO RS5000 Shocks BRAND NEW

    Bump, :shock:$150 takes em:shock: I have pictures available upon request. Boxes never even opened!
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    RANCHO RS5000 Shocks BRAND NEW

    I have a set of Rancho rs5000 shocks for a TJ jeep wrangler. I got them for a present from my Dad but he didnt get them for a lifted jeep so I need to sell em here. Again they are Rancho RS5000 Shocks. For stock height Jeep wrangler. I have a rubicon so I am not sure if there is a difference...
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    Any one ever heard of...

    I was looking in the quadratec catalog and I saw a suspension lift called CAGE Suspension systems. Anyone ever use em? Any comments? Thanks.
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    30k mile service

    My 04 rubi is due for her 30k mile service. Where can I find what is due at this service? Google didnt turn anything useful up... Any ideas?
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    Bedliner in and on the jeep

    My buddy just got it done to his tj. I think it looks pretty hard core, if thats what your going for. IMO i think the out side would look better with black diamond plate vs the spray liner. But again, to each is own. Cheers :beer:
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    Where else can I find these!?

    I found these on ebay and I want to see where else I can get them, any ideas? Theyre oe wheels, I know can goto a dealer but Ill pay through the nose!
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    Okay, Another newbie question... :o Seeing how you brought up the backspacing comment, I have a couple questions. What exactly is backspacing? Offset? Etc. I am looking at getting a 4" suspension lift with 33x12.5/15" tires, what do I have to consider for backspacing? I would like a wide...