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    Hello dear friends !

    welcome friend I am new to the site as well
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    New to Jeepz

    oh yeah - it is an auto transmission with 4.88 yukon gears. I still have the original axles, but think I am going to need to go with 2.5 rockwells for the strength. Currently running 33x15.50x15 super swamper sx.
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    New to Jeepz

    Wanted to introduce myself - I am from Texas and have a 87 YJ Laredo - Silver and black. Working on putting a LQ4 with a 4L80E in it. Thats how I found this site. Any suggestions on that would be great.
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    Welcome new members - please read

    nice site - thanks for everything
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    Dual Shocks on a YJ??

    they may not be all that functional, but they sure look cool
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    New to the site and need some help!

    it is a 2007 LQ$ with 19,000 miles if I didn't say that already
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    best sounding muffler

    might try the flowmaster super 44 offroad
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    transmission question 4.0L and 4.2L

    yeah my friend did this and it worked really well for him
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    I love living in the South!!!!

    I like pulling people out when it gets icy - no one here in Texas can seem to drive in the ice - we don't get snow.
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    New to the site and need some help!

    Hello I am new to the site and need some advice about an engine swap I am going to start in the next month. Here is what I have 1987 Jeep YJ Laredo with the 258 I6 and auto transmission. I just purchased a 2007 6.0 LQ4 engine and 4L80E 4x4 transmission. All bolt on pulley driven accessories are...