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  1. Darthjeep

    Funny picture thread!

    Cheat to Win!
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    Funny picture thread!

  3. Darthjeep

    So I'm addicted to energy drinks...

    I like Redbull and jäger:)
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    New JK Sahara Owner looking for intro trails

    I just got Colorado Trails Front Range Region by Peter Massey. Lots of fun trails from Spings to FoCo. Also has Topos in it:) I got it at the 4wheelparts store in Springs. They can also tell you about some fun trails around you. But some might be closed because of fire damage.
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    Moving west

    Your gonna love it. Lots of places to go wheeling and tons of sunshine.
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    I-pic posting

    I just click the top right box with arrow to reply to thread. Then the + box on the top right next to the send box. Select Attach From Photos. Tap on the picture you want. It will download at the bottom under Image Attachment and will read Done Uploading. Tap on that and then on Insert Inline...
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    Funny picture thread!

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    Funny picture thread!

    Right side of the bed:)
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    Funny picture thread!

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    New to Jeepz

    Just wanted to say hi and give everyone a wave