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    99 jeep xj chopped

    a chero manche is in the works, some ruff stuff frame stiffeners will help. i just traced the flares and cut there in the front, and the rears as much as i could. u can fit 37's on 5" of lift :) check notch customs for how you cut for there brand flares, thats a big hole they make in the rear..
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    How to remove the shift rod housing from the Spicer 20

    have you removed the drive shaft and yoke ? that will help you
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    2002 Grd Cher 4.7 Code P1793

    i replaced the crank sensor, an it runs great. cheap fix. lucky me.
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    2002 Grd Cher 4.7 Code P1793

    when i had a crank code ,and trans codes last time it did replace them.
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    2002 Grd Cher 4.7 Code P1793

    great, thanks. a po320 was the first code for the crank sensor, the second code was a po218 high temp ( i assume it means trans ) the 3rd was po225 engine speed sensor ( i assume the front trans input sensor ) and the 3rd was the po1793. i replaced the crank sensor again. when it was bad before...
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    2002 Grd Cher 4.7 Code P1793

    i have the same code, all data says to back probe pin #10 on the tcm. i should have 10.5 volts and 7 ohms. i have 10.7 volts ( key in the run position) and 7 ohms. should i ck for bad wires or shop for a tcm ? your thoughts ... thanks brian
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    misc. jeep stuff need room

    1993 4.0 country xj pcm 30$ pre 97 xj fuel pump for a steel tank 30$ 2 set of lift blocks 1 set is alum 2" tall for a 2.5" spring 30$. the other set is steel and is 3" tall for a 2.5" spring 30$ yj axle mounted bump stops i have 3 sets 20$ a set new they run 45-50$ a set 1998 xj 4.0 motor...
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    Best paint for flares

    dupicolor bumper paint, has worked for 4 years so far. i did the yj now the xj.
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    Clutch Life Expectancy

    i just checked mine@ 141k , it has the same as a new one. no one knew the specson the disc so i got got a new one. i measured it and mine was a hair thinner. so back in it went.
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    Series 3 Dana 44 open Differential ?

    the jk 44' are not the same as the ones before it. the ring gears are are larger, as is the pinion and bearings. it is retro compatable with a 300$ bearing kit.
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    2000 Jeep GC

    i would agree with the above, blend doors and then check a/c charge..
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    Transmission myth ?

    there should be a drain plug in the bottom of the trans oil pan, 14mm bolt if i recall ?? you can drain it there, and fill it threw the dip stick tube. repete as needed. takes about 4-5 quarts.
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    Cherokee pics. Lets see your rig

    are you able to use all 12" with leaf springs ? looks nice :)
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    Western PA Jeep Club?

    you can use the same log name (gregorydeal) in as here, it's up to you. they just posted some topless day pics from saturday..
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    Ected SUCKS

    after watching them at r/c i was not that impressed, and this just makes it more so. i'll stick with arb's
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    Locker, front or rear?

    both have pros and cons, only you can decide what will work better. as for brand, i've been very happy with power trax ( in the rear ) and a aussie in the front. i really wish i got cromos before gettign the front locker. i've been threw 2 shafts in 3 runs with it. if your cj has the 260 style...
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    f/s locked dana 30/ front control arms / other stuff

    the old xj is now done, i have some parts for sale time to make a new one for sale: pics avl tera flex gen 1 control arms uppers and lowers: fits any tj/xj/zj/mj the lower arms need front bushings. 250$ for the set of 4 rubicon express xj drop brackets with braces: repainted with hardware...
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    Urban flexing

    the wifes, when we did the pucks.
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    lift selection

    have you looked at bds ? they make a 4.5" wj lift. if you buy a " kit" it will come with the needed parts, track bar etc. or you could put it together with the parts you want.that's waht i did, the wife's is a tera budget lift, and sway bar links, jks arms and trac bar with o.m.e. coils fits...
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    New member from south western PA

    hey, i'm over in johnstown. nice to see ya on the board :) i have a 95" yj with 33's on it..