1. J

    Transfer case AND transmission failure? for love of god...

    working with a 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee I will start with I have very limited mechanical knowledge or experience, but I am afraid that there are issues beyond what I am being told, and not sure what my options are going forward. My car started with being locked in 4WHD low. took it to the...
  2. S

    How to disable 2015 renegade safety feature (4WD dsable whn chk eng lot on)?

    Ok so when the check engine light comes on the jeep automatically disables access to all 4WD modes on my 2015 Jew renegade Trailhawk. How do I disable this annoying feature in case there is a zombi apocalypse one day or something. I don’t want to be stuck stranded. Is it an ECU reprogram or how...
  3. M

    Help with part time 4WD

    I very seldom move the 4WD selector lever. Today I did, because I needed it in neutral whilst working on the rear brakes. It did not move easily but now the light on the dash is lit up and I seem to be stuck in part time 4WD even with the lever back in 2WD. I have never really understood what...
  4. D

    Grand Cherokee Laredo 2001 2 issues

    First issue is I lost my speedo. It was cutting out for a little while and now it rarely moves. Is that the speed sensor for tranny? Second issue is I lost my 4wd indicator lights on my dash. My part time light was staying on and recently I went into 4wd and it went off, now I have no 4wd...
  5. rj1024

    4WD issues

    ok, so i just got my 99 grand cherokee laredo on the road back in Nov. I purchased it back in april with 222K on the body, engine was shot so purchased a engine with 107K on it. Hubby is a certified mechanic, so he dropped the new engine in. There are some minor issues...bulbs, blendor has to be...
  6. G

    New Video Up for Free Tire Giveaway

    There’s a new video the 4Wheel Hard Drive Jeepers vs. Zombies sweepstakes just posted and 4x4 owners can enter at www.4WD.com/Zombies. Entrants get a free reflective Zombie Hunting decal and this month’s giveaway is a set of Pro Comp tires.
  7. R

    4WD-high does not engage. 4WD-low will.

    Hi all. Just bought a 2003 Rubicon (manual with lockers). I didnt realize when i purchased it that it does not engage when shifting into 4WD high. There is NO power being transferred to the drive train. It is like being in neutral. When i shift it down to 4WD low, it works and the...
  8. Fueled 4WD

    Hot Off The Press!

    FREE STICKERS!!! NEW COLORS!!! Message or email me at jamie@fueled4wd.com your mailing address and COLOR of STICKER and I will send you a FREE FUELED 4WD STICKER! Gray, Pink, Orange, White, Blue Don't worry I will not send you any junk mail just a super awesome FUELED 4WD STICKER !!! Thank...
  9. D

    Got my first Jeep. 4WD doesn't work.

    Hi Everyone. I have a 1987 YJ 4.2L 5Spd. I've owned it for about 2 months. Wanted to try out the 4WD during this last snow storm and found that my front tires don't spin. The 4WD drive light goes on when I put it into 4Hi and 4Lo. I've read some stuff about vacuum line being a common problem...