1. K

    2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trilling Noise

    Hi all! I am a bit desperate, a little history, I have a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee AWD Laredo. It has been a fantastic vehicle until the last couple of months. Here is a run-down of issues... 1. Making loud clunks when turning or accelerating. Husband replaced driver's side CV axle. No...
  2. C

    2002 Jeep Wrangler Sport- 4.0Liter I6- Dana 44 rear axle - mint&no rust - 61,900miles

    2002 Jeep Wrangler Sport- 4.0Liter I6- Dana 44 rear axle - mint&no rust - 61,900miles For sale: 2002 Jeep Wrangler Sport TJ 2D 4X4 in Bright Silver Metallic. All original condition mileage : 61,900 miles (driven an average of 3,300 miles annually) Only 2 registered owners, from California. Mint...
  3. K

    03 Jeep Liberty axle problem

    So I was replacing the wheel hub on my 03 liberty when I accidently stripped the threads trying to remove the axle nut, leading me to have replace the entire passenger side axle. The new axle comes and I go to install it but it will not seat all the way in. The axle and the axle rod are two...
  4. J

    Axle question

    I have an 07 wrangler x. Has a DANA 44 rear and a front Dana 30 axle. if I change out my rear for something else, can I re use my Dana 44 rear on the front of my Jeep?
  5. D

    2015 trailhawk front cv shaft boot help

    Hi folks, new guy here. As title states have a '15 TH. The transmission side boot on the front drivers side axle is torn. I have done extensive searching, and ordered from an ebay seller whose description matched my jeep, only to get incorrect parts. This model has "offroad", or "firm"...
  6. R

    Trouble with 3" lift axle aligment

    Hi Everyone - This is my first post, and my first project on my 95 XJ. I'm excited to customize it, but I'm a bit of a newbie at mechanics. I got a 3" lift kit (rough country) and everything made sense except for this one bolt hole that is totally off and I can't figure out what went wrong. This...
  7. C

    J-20 front axle

    I bought a 78 J-20 without a front axle. I found an axle that is supposed to fit. I don't have the ubolts though. It looks like one of the ubolts needs to be bigger than the rest of them because the spring pad is so close to the cast iron housing that the bolt has to go around that and it is...
  8. J

    Axle upgrade recs - YJ w 30/31" tires?

    Hi all - just picked up the third YJ of my long and Jeep-filled life (also had an XJ and a 76 Waggy at various points) and boy oh boy does this one have a useless rear end. 3.07 open diff D35, got stuck in mud that shouldn't have trapped a Jeep of any kind last weekend. I will be using this one...
  9. Fueled 4WD

    Yukon Gear & Install Kit Packages Now Available!

    Yukon Gear & Axle - Gear & Install Kit Packages These are complete packages that includes front & rear ring & pinion sets along with the most complete master overhaul kits on the market, giving you everything you need to re-gear the front & rear differential in one easy part number. Make it easy...
  10. Fueled 4WD

    Diff Wizard / Need Differential & Axle Parts? Try This Great Tool!

    Diff Wizard Locate Parts And Equipment For All Your Differential And Axle Needs Easily And Fast! Free Shipping On Most Items! Try It For Yourself Today!
  11. D

    YJ ox locked Axle

    i have an option to buy an OX locked D30 with 4.88 gears upgraded shafts joints hubs and high steer kit i can grab it for $1000 is this a good value or should i throw the money somewhere else??? currently running 33s and will prob stay with those.
  12. 8

    1 ton axle flip?

    i have a 87 yj with 1 ton chevy axles the front pumpkin is on the passenger side so im only running rear wheel drive can i flip the axle or would that cause to many problems?
  13. T

    HELP!!!!!Terrible vibration when braking!

    any time i brake espically coming off the freeway at higher speeds i get a terrible vibration from the front end it feels like the tires could fly off any minute please any answers would help i drive my kids in this car i wanna make sure its safe PLEASE
  14. DeadHammer

    Front axle swap question?

    Can a front axle from a late model Cherokee be swapped over to a TJ? I need to replace my front Dana 30 on my 98 TJ Sport.
  15. D

    WTB TJ Axles - Dana 44 or Dana 44/30 Combo

    WTB TJ Axles - Dana 44 or Dana 44/30 Combo I am looking for a Dana 44 preferably with 4.56 gears (4.11 second choice) for a 99 Wrangler TJ. A Detroit True-Trac LSD would be nice. I will also need a Dana 30 with matching gearing. Open differential is ok. I am located in St. Louis, MO but...