1. bradleyheathhays

    Which brand R134a refrigerant? w pic

    I'm doing some maintenance on my AC system and I'm looking for small cans of R134a refrigerant with UV leak indicator but NO sealant. I've heard that most refrigerant 'top off' cans have sealant in them even though the label doesn't mention it, so I thought I better ask. Guy at the local...
  2. D

    O2 sensors

    Hey guys, I am putting a remanufactured engine and transmission in my 2000 SE TJ; should I replace my O2 sensors even though I did not have any fault messages? If so, which brand is best? Dyvflyjeep
  3. Eclektq

    Can anyone tell me......

    What I need sensor wise to "Tune" Up my 1994 4.0 HO? Want all that will balance the fuel air mixture.....She's smelling really rich at idle. All the plugs, Wires, Coil are new high performance and from a American manufacturer....Air filter a brand new Wix. Timing was set by an expert... And the...