1. TerryMason

    Server upgrade complete

    I've just upgraded our server OS, from the old one (Centos 7) to our new one (Alma Linux 8). Things look to be running pretty good, but let me know if there is any weirdness. You can post here, or if you can't get in / something big is broken, just email me - webmaster at jeepz
  2. JOBO

    2005 TJ windshield frame and bolts seized, broken, extractor snapped off..HELP

    Long story short: 2005 TJ with broken windshield & rusted windshield frame both need replacing. Half of the torx bolts on both sides were seized...and then stripped... I've tried: PB Blaster to loosen them, a torch, dremmeling a slot , drilling them out and inserting an extractor. This...
  3. D

    94 YJ Broken Frame. Front Drivers Side at steering gear box all the way to shocktower

    Was driving my Jeep (non lifted 4 cyl) and started to turn and heard a loud snap and my steering became incredibly loose (1.5 rotations before steering engaged) so I immediately went back home. When I got home I looked at the frame and it snapped from the steering gear box all the way back to...
  4. J

    cranks no start!! HELP

    backround 2001 tj wrangler 4.0L, 5 speed manual 118,000 miles i drove home the other nights and parked behind my bro i left for the night he moved it back 10 ft and foward over a small curb 10ft(w.e) next morning i get in it and it cranks hard, but wont fire...... i sprayed some starting fluid...
  5. B

    Starting Problem 97 JGC HELP!!!

    Working on a 97 Grand cherokee limited. Replaced ignition, tested starter, good Batt yet wont start does nothing when you turn the key seems like a anti theft device or N safety switch but i have no idea any help would be great.
  6. F

    broken passenger seat (but not the way you're thinking)

    I have a 2006 Rubicon and the passenger seat is broken. if you're sitting on the seat and lean back, the left side of the seat bends back as if a bracket is broken. The right side stays put, so there's this strange diagonal lean. I tried to look at the bracket, but it didn't seem to be very...