1. B

    Custom parking brake solution for a disc brake conversion

    I have a 93 Sahara with a 8.8 swapped rear axle, and the conversion to the disc brakes cost the previous owner the parking brake system. I'm looking at off-the-shelf solutions, but I had an idea I wanted to vet with the custom welding get-stuff-done people around here. What if I welded a...
  2. K

    Brand New to jeep, Should I buy this?

    Hey everyone. A little backstory...i'm a 3 time war vet. Retiring after 20 years. My kids have taken the brunt of that 20 years as i've missed a lot of time with them. Now that i'm retiring and not going to be on the road they asked for 2 things...a camper and a jeep to work on. I'm pretty...
  3. A

    custom sound bar

    Hey im new to the forums and i dont actually have a jeep but a week ago my friend came to me wanting me to build him a soundbar..i accepted the task and began..It has two 6.5 holes ready to house a pair of fosgate T162C's and two 5.25 holes for cheapo pair of sony xpoldes from walmart and the...
  4. S

    99-04 Grand Cherokee Husky Floormat liners

    I have a complete set of husky floormat liners from a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee. They are tan. I know they fit my 02 jeep, but Cabelas says they will fit 99-04. They cost $250 new. I'll let them go for $130 to your door in the lower 48 states. Includes liners for front floor, back floor, and...
  5. BlackStick


    Took my YJ mudding last night and then to the car wash. Anyway, the stock plastic fender flare on the front right side was just hanging off when we got out of the wash. I didn't hit anything, but the bumps might have done it. The metal front fender has always been a little rusty (bubbling paint)...
  6. BlackStick

    Custom Bumper?

    I like Road Armor bumpers better than any other I have seen, but I don't think that they make them for the YJ. Is there a company that makes custom bumpers that would be able to copy the road armor design and fit it the the YJ body? By the way, according to the road armor site they will be...