1. S

    Replace 4cyl engine in my YJ Wrangler

    We've got a 1990 YJ Wrangler(2J4FY19P4MJ____) that came to us with a broken 5 speed tranny and a questionable rebuilt 4 cyl. My son drove a 4 cyl Wrangler on a used car lot and found it to be a major Wimp from a performance standpoint. Rather than throwing $ and labor into getting the 4cylmotor...
  2. Gennybro

    interchangeable jeep parts

    I have an 94 yj, 6 cyl standard transmission. Also a 94 Cherokee,6 cyl, automatic. The cherokee is rusted out bad and there is something wrong with the engine. Wondering what parts from the cherokee would fit the yj. Sreering gear box, transfer case, rearend etc. Thanks.