1. bradleyheathhays

    Dash brake light on after replacing rear brakes

    '96 XJ here and I've just replaced everything you can on my rear drum brakes, and now that they're done the red 'BRAKE' dash light is constantly on. I have sort of an idea as to why but no idea how to go about fixing it. This happened on both sides btw... When I had finished replacing...
  2. E

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Wk Shift Issue

    Hi all. Wonder if anyone can help I know its not a proper Jeep lol. But my 2008 Grand Cherokee has a fault where I will be driving and the service brake assist warning comes up on dash as this happens the P R N D on the dash are all lit up as if you have selected all the gears. There is a lack...
  3. bradleyheathhays

    Heater duct door switching problem

    Have an '02 Taurus w/ 103k miles and about 6 months ago all the air, heat or a/c, started blowing only out of the defrost vents at the bottom of the windshield. All the settings work correctly except air has stopped blowing from the floor and dash vents entirely. I know the fix on this is...