1. 2

    2023 exhaust

    I have a 2023 Wrangler 4 door Sport on order and want to put an Injen axle back exhaust and Injen cold air intake on it when I get it. I contacted Injen and because they haven’t actually installed any on a 2023 yet they won’t guarantee they fit. They advertise it will fit up to 2021. Does anyone...
  2. N

    Exhaust Pipe Dented Need to Replace?

    Hello All, I bought an axle back exhaust system and when I went under to remove the old noticed a dent in the exhaust pipe up further than I was going to replace. Is this enough to affect performance and I need to get a cat-back system? 07' Wrangler JK 2DR.
  3. W

    Needed Manifold Plugs

    In my 1988 YJ with I have the 4.2 engine block with the 4.0 head. The intake and exhaust manifolds are stock to the 4.2 I believe. I have nuttered the Jeep, therefore I am not using the knock sensor and coolant sensor in the intake manifold and the oxygen sensor in the exhaust manifold. I would...
  4. bradleyheathhays

    Exhaust pipe rattle fix

    So I got a new muffler put on at the local discount Mexicano auto shop (learned my lesson) and they rearranged my exhaust so the pipe forward of the muffler sits about 1/2 inch above the transmission support member and now rattles like a mother. Instead of getting the exhaust redone I'm...
  5. C

    2008 GC 4.7L Exhaust ground strap.

    Hello and thanks for your assistance in advance. I have a 08 GC 4.7L and I see the exhaust ground strap is missing. I see where the one end goes but not the other two. Does any one have any diagrams? Thanks Again, Chris
  6. R

    After Market Parts on 08 Wrangler

    Hi All, New to this channel and new to owning a jeep. Just looking for some advice.... I bought my jeep used and had quite a few things done (aftermarket catalytic converter, exhaust, rebuilt transmission, etc.) After doing this work i took the jeep to a dealership in Yonkers because the check...

    1988 YJ engine sputtering

    i have a jeep wrangler 2.5 liter with around 140,000 miles on it. the problem is when i try to accelerate my engine seems to sputter and hesitate for a few seconds. it loses lots of acceleration and it sounds like popping or a bubbling, and a very harsh exhaust smell is noticeable when it...
  8. C

    Loud Virbations

    Question! i got a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 V6 all of a sudden i got a loud vibration noise that sounds like its coming from my exhaust but the exhaust isnt lose anyone got any ideas what it could be? drove it to down the road no vibration noise at all shut if off came back started it...
  9. C

    CJ7 exhaust for sb 350 swap?

    I am pulling the I6 and dropping a sb Chevy 350 in its place on our 84 CJ7. I'm looking for ideas for the exhaust. I found Hedman has a set of headers for a CJ with a sb 350. What do you recommend for exhaust? I had side pipes on my 76 CJ that had an AMC 304 and really liked them. Are there...
  10. K


    Hey Guy's, I'm new to this forum. This is actually my first post. But i recently just got my first car, a 1995 Grand Cherokee V8 Orvis. And I have to admit I am an exhaust junky. And the first thing i want to do is make itas loud and deep as possible. Do you guys have any ideas or suggestions...