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    2014 Grand Cherokee Alternator

    Hello, I have a 2014 Grand Cherokee Laredo and love it. How do I know which alternator it needs? I see three, 160, 180 and 220 amps. I’ve read it originally had a 164 amp alternator. It got a new battery 6 months ago. It recently started sluggishly after the second crank, had very little...
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    Jeep Grand Cherokee Wk Shift Issue

    Hi all. Wonder if anyone can help I know its not a proper Jeep lol. But my 2008 Grand Cherokee has a fault where I will be driving and the service brake assist warning comes up on dash as this happens the P R N D on the dash are all lit up as if you have selected all the gears. There is a lack...
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    2016 Grand Cherokee mystery noise

    Any ideas? Mystery noise - YouTube
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    2004 Overland steering

    Good morning I have a'04 Grand Cherokee Overland, had a shop rebuild my front end. They used a kit for a'04 Grand Cherokee. It now drives horrible all over the road. Are there different lengths of the parts for an Overland? I believe it has a small factory lift. Thank you. I'm in La Grange...
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    1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer ignition problems

    Hello all my names Wil I own a 1990 jeep grand Wagoneer, I've been having a very strange problem with my Wagoneer, when I crank it over for the first turn I will get exactly (pretty inconsistently) one spark and nothing more until I stop running the starter and then I will get one more spark...
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    2005 Grand Cherokee Hard to fill fuel tank

    Looking for some guidance. We have a 2005 Grand Cherokee Laredo that builds up prssure in teh fuel system. When we pull up to fill it and remove the fuel cap, it releases a lot of pressure. It is hard to keep the fuel pump running because it keeps tripping off, while filling. I've replaced...
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    Converting 04 Grand Cherokee to 4x4 using 03 Grand Cherokee 4x4 engine & drive train

    Converting 04 Grand Cherokee to 4x4 using 03 Grand Cherokee 4x4 engine & drive train I am the original owner of an 04 Grand Cherokee Limited 4x2 that needs a new engine. I've found an 03 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4 with 120k miles for sale for $1,800. It runs and drives fine but the body is beat...
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    2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.7 p303 code help

    I had the p303 code and changed out the very old and worn out plugs it is running better but still blowing a lot of white smoke out tail pipe and engine light is still on about to do a new scan today to verify same code or new any help here please not sure what the smoke is about except maybe a...
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    Putting the transmission dipstick tube in 95 grand cherokee

    During the difficult process of getting the used trans to line up on my 95 grand cherokee .The dipstick tube wasn't put in and trans lines were crushed. Please tell me the easiest way to accomplish the rest of the mission . I like the aftermarket tubes with the rubber insert as opposed to the...
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    Oil change question..

    This is more for the tech savvy engineers I guess. My first oil change is coming up in my 2020 JGC Altitude. It's amazing how hard it is to find info on the exact oil type, but the manual does have it of course. My question is simply what is different about the 2020 that requires this weird...
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    2002 Grand Cherokee Heater Core Leaks at bolt under pass feet

    I know there have been lots of inquiries on this subject. Does anyone have a link to do it your self tutorial? I realize the dash needs to come out, I can't find a simple step by step. Im going to help a friend with this project.:???: Thanks for all the help out there, I appreciate it. Gary.
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    1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0

    im looking to buy a 1998 jeep grand cherokee that is straight 6 4L engine. It has 240k miles on body, 150k on motor, 100k on transmission. Has dana 35 front and Dana 44aluminum rear axles, it's sittin on 35 12.50 15 BFG Mud terrain KM2 s with less than 10k miles on them. all under an 8 inch...
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    2000 Grand Cherokee Oil Leak

    I have a 2000 Grand Cherokee Limited with a V8 4.7L that is leaking oil out of the front part of the motor. Looks like its leaking right out of the oil filter area, but its not because of the oil filter. Any suggestions? Is there a plug or something in the front of the motor that I should check?