1. TerryMason

    Screwed up changing out spark plugs - multiple cylinder misfires

    I can't remember changing the spark plugs in my Jeep, so I decided to knock it out today. The old plugs that came out looked terrible. They are NGK plugs, and I wonder if they are the factory plugs (2005 4.0 with 172k Miles on the odometer). New plugs: AutoLite Double Platinum Spark Plug...
  2. M

    Carb'd 4.2L: Grease Paper Intake Gasket ?

    Maybe there's another gasket thats better than the blue Fel-pro paper gasket for the 4.2L, I don't know. The one that came off was metal reinforced, but I can't find another one any where on the internet. You're welcome to add part number suggestions. Anyway, I've got the blue/paper Fel-Pro...