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    Tj steering issues, maybe

    So I just got an 02 Tj that has an R title, and the previous owner says it was in a front end collision on the passenger side. the frame want bent (so I was told) but all the motor mounts needed to be replaced and they were. The Jeep also has what I measured to be a 6inch lift, steering geometry...
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    New JKU Owner Questions

    Glad to find the forum, I’m in the process of buying a 2011 JKU and have started thinking about a few things I’d appreciate advice on if anyone is willing. 1. Jeep has a hard top, no soft, it’ll be garaged but I aim to have the hard too off for the summer in the NE. I’m looking for adverse...
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    2021 Hard Top from JLU For sale - Facotry New!

    Howdy... This hard top came straight off my 1-week old Jeep Wrangler JLU. It's in pristine factory condition. Comes with all electronics, hardware, and freedom panel bag. Asking $1995 cash-on-pickup. I'm located in Phoenix, AZ. Drop me a line with any questions... -Ben 480-399-0000
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    2005 Grand Cherokee Hard to fill fuel tank

    Looking for some guidance. We have a 2005 Grand Cherokee Laredo that builds up prssure in teh fuel system. When we pull up to fill it and remove the fuel cap, it releases a lot of pressure. It is hard to keep the fuel pump running because it keeps tripping off, while filling. I've replaced...
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    Hard top to windshield issue

    Hey fellas, I'm a newb, but was told this is best Jeep forum on the net...9 months ago, I bought my Dad's huntin buddy's 85 Cj-7 for $3000, only had a tick over 38,000 original miles, as he even thru in a brand new Howell throttle body kit in its entirety...Anyways, I've owned a 49 Cj2a, a 58...
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    Hard Top Knob Won't Back Out

    I recently tried to take off my hard top panels and when trying to remove the driver side panel, my knob won't back out. It was very difficult to turn which has never been the case before. After uses a pair of channel locks, I'm able to get the know to turn but it won't back out. HELP!!!
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    New '04 Jeep Wrangler Owner - need the skinny on being a Jeep

    Just got an '04 Jeep Wrangler (in GREAT condition) and it's our first Jeep. Has the 4 cylinder engine which I know is a whole topic by itself. Need to get a soft top or hard top and hard doors. Give me the scoop on what stuff I should focus on. There are SO many accessories and gizmos, it's...
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    Hard Start, rough idle, chugs

    My 89 Cherokee has had a hard start and rough idle since I started driving it about a month ago. Today it started chugging real hard. It's doesn't die, but when you hit the gas the RPMs move up and it lurches forward, but doesn't move very far. The hard start is intermittent. It's hardest on...
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    CJ7 Hard Top and Doors, Make an Offer

    Fits my 1986 CJ7.