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    Horn piece with two long pieces of metal. 85 CJ7

    A source for steering column horn parts is wanted. The plastic piece with 2 metal legs protruding from it under the bolt holding the key lock in place. Its held down with a straight spring.
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    1994 Jeep YJ fuel pump issue

    Hello all...name is Jeff...I have been working on repairing/replacing things on my 1994 YJ in my garage for about 4-5 years...literally has been off the road on jack stands and garaged. I am really close now and have run into an issue. Hope you can help. One of those repairs was a leaking gas...
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    1988 cherokee laredo horn problem

    Hey everybody, I've been battling for a while with the horn in my car--randomly sometimes when I turned left it would just blow. It eventually started happening so frequently that I just dismantled it, and this is what I've found (in the pictures). Whenever one of the little metal pieces in...