1. prariepunk

    New winch for my JKU Recon

    I got the ok to get a winch for the Jeep. I grabbed the Badlands Apex 12,000. Now I'm just waiting on better weather to make my kids (10m & 18f) install it ��
  2. TerryMason


    Test message to make sure that things are working.
  3. Jagered

    Anyone have one of these sunscreen covers?

    So I found this on Amazon and it's pretty neat... but it appears to be a non-removable screen? Just checking to make sure this is something that can be installed and never have to come off even when you put the top back on. T.I.A.
  4. JOBO

    Cut door window frame off TJ doors?

    Have you ever seen anyone cut the top half off the metal TJ door...the metal frame that goes around the make the doors half-doors? Right now I drive around with no doors, but there are times when a half door might be helpful. I have the two original full doors lying against the...
  5. N

    Help me pick out a used Jeep.

    I just sold my SxS for more than I owed and plan to use the extra cash to buy a Jeep. I love my SxS but the problem is the lack of places to ride legally. I've collectively spent about a month at Windrock over the last couple years w/my Maverick X3 and love the place. I have about 80 miles of...