1. H

    2007 Wrangler Sahara

    2007 Wrangler squeals after driving for while, slight steer right it stops. replaced bearing and U joint, still happens,gets extremely loud, out old stlye mechanic cannot figure it out
  2. C

    2008 GC Limited Popping noise

    Hello, Anyone had an issue when making a turn with a popping noise(not a clicking noise). Sometimes its two or three consecutive pops. I have checked the CV joints but they look fine. No torn boots or leaks. Is there some other way to check them for looseness or issues? No vibrations...
  3. N

    2001 XJ 204k miles...rod knock, piston slap, something else?

    This started a few days ago. Turned on my Jeep, and the best way to explain the sound is if you've ever run over leaves with a lawnmower, the sound was similar to when the mower sucks the leaves up. It was very brief and didn't linger. When I shifted into drive, I heard a loud tapping noise as I...
  4. K

    2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trilling Noise

    Hi all! I am a bit desperate, a little history, I have a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee AWD Laredo. It has been a fantastic vehicle until the last couple of months. Here is a run-down of issues... 1. Making loud clunks when turning or accelerating. Husband replaced driver's side CV axle. No...
  5. K

    2016 Grand Cherokee mystery noise

    Any ideas? Mystery noise - YouTube
  6. B

    Help! Ticking noise

    Hey Guys, I've got this issue with my 2008 Jeep Rubicon w/ 190k miles. Its making this ticking noise and I cannot figure out what it is. It originally had cracked exhaust manifolds which I replaced. I then did an engine oil flush with liqui moly and added lifter additive with 5w-20 fully...
  7. Charlesph55

    JK trunk rattling noise, can it be fixed?

    My cousin is the proud owner of a 2012 jeep wrangler sahara unlimited. Every time he drives over any kind of bump in the road a loud rattling noise comes from the back of his JK. We think the sound seems to be coming from the trunk door hinges. Now he does have a 35" tire mounted on the back...
  8. J

    rattle over small bumps

    98 jeep grand cherokee limited 2wd 4.0 i6 i have a noise coming from what i would assume to be the front end, happens when im driving down my street and my tires ride over the little bumps in the road. no big clanks over speed bumps or anything larger. it makes a sound like a metal object is...
  9. C

    Steering Screach

    I have a friends 2000 TJ with 33's, budget lift spring spacer and it makes a god awful noise while turning the wheel. It happens after more than a half rotation of the steering wheel at all speeds (mostly lower speeds). The PS is not leaking, is full while hot and cold, and is showing no...
  10. R

    Popping noise in the steering

    I have an 03 Rubicon with a 4.5" Rubicon Express lift, and 1" body lift running 315/75 r16s. It has been lifted for 5 years, and I finally have started hearing a noise out of the steering. At first I thought it was my tie rod ends needing grease, but after greasing every possible point of the...
  11. B

    power steering fluid leaked,engine problem?

    Ok,I'm freaking out. I had a whining noise and then found my power steering fluid had completely leaked out at the connection of the high pressure cooling hose and the power steering pump. Now I just found an article saying the it can cause severe engine and coolage fan damage...
  12. B

    Whining sound Trans?

    2003 grand cherokee v8 Ok, maybe I have just noticed this. Something is making this loud whining noise. Sounds like a jet engine reving up kind of, except it doesn't sound like the engine. It speeds up when I do. Is the transmission going?Only 60k miles on it. Any ideas?