1. C

    1981 J10 4.2L AMC - high temp and oil pressure

    Hello, I spent most of the summer getting my dads old J10 running. I swapped almost all the fluids and replaced some parts like fuel filter, thermostat etc.. I am in Alberta and have driven it with no issue since the summer until recently. I was driving home and I noticed that my oil pressure...
  2. K

    2005 Grand Cherokee 4.7L V8 Oil Pressure Light

    Hi all. I recently completed a job on our 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee (4.7 V8). I had popped a rocker on the 8th cylinder, and the valve seats were busted on two others. (i have pictures). I replaced both cylinder heads with remanufactured, new everything inside the cylinder heads (valve, cams...
  3. J

    Jeep Grande Cherokee Laredo 2013 HELP

    Jeep Drives ok now… but idles and shakes bad when at a stop. Feels like it’s coming from the front. Any thoughts? 150,000 miles REPLACED; Both head gaskets Both cam sensors Reset timing Both oxygen sensors Oil pressure sensor Spark plugs Spark plug coils Oil cooler Fuel injectors...
  4. TerryMason

    Where is this oil coming from?

    I recently changed my rear main seal, so I had the oil pan removed. Before that, my jeep dripped a fair amount of oil from several locations (hard to tell with my oil pan skid plate). Now that the rear main is changed, my oil drips are fewer, however this is one that is perplexing me. I see...
  5. TerryMason

    Tips on replacing a 4.0 rear main seal?

    I've been watching a bunch of youtube videos on how to replace the rear main seal on my 2005 TJ with an automatic. From what I gather, I can drop the oil pan and access the rear main seal that way. It doesn't look too difficult, although it is a bit involved. -drain oil -take off starter...
  6. R

    Torque setting for 258 oil pan bolts

    Hey folks. Getting ready to tighten and torque my oil pan bolts on my 258 engine. Can anyone verify that it is 11ft. Lbs.? Bolts are 7/16. Thanks.
  7. R

    Leaking blue rubber gasket on oil pan

    Hello. I have a 1980 CJ5 Renegade with the 258 engine. It has the blue one piece gasket. I can see a film of oil collecting on the gasket by the front of the motor, by the fan pulley. It is not dripping down, but I can run my finger by the oil pan gasket and I noticed a thin film of oil. Should...
  8. L

    Low Oil Pressure

    Hello All This is my first post. I am somewhat confused /concerned about the oil pressure on my 02 TJ, 4.0. This is all a bit new to me and I thought I would come to the "experts" for some advice I know this has been discussed here before, but I wanted to get an opinion on my particular...
  9. prariepunk

    I bought a Grand Cherokee... I had to

    Recently, my fiance's coworker was wanting to scrap her 1999 Grand Cherokee Limited (157k mi) because she was afraid it was going to blow up & the motor was bad (no oil pressure). My lady suggested to her that I look at it & that it might not be as bad as it looks. After code reading turned...
  10. J

    PCV location

    I can't find the PCV valve on my 2006 Jeep Commander 4.7 V8 The repair manual says it is on the side of the oil filler but there is nothing there.
  11. B

    Help! Ticking noise

    Hey Guys, I've got this issue with my 2008 Jeep Rubicon w/ 190k miles. Its making this ticking noise and I cannot figure out what it is. It originally had cracked exhaust manifolds which I replaced. I then did an engine oil flush with liqui moly and added lifter additive with 5w-20 fully...
  12. J

    We Install a heavy duty differential cover..And go with conventional gear oil

    Hi Everyone! Hope this posts finds everyone happy and healthy! We went ahead and upgraded our differential cover this last weekend and wanted to share with you all the process. We share some cool tips along the way, including the geometry of the differential cover, the type of oil we use, and...
  13. T

    Oil change question..

    This is more for the tech savvy engineers I guess. My first oil change is coming up in my 2020 JGC Altitude. It's amazing how hard it is to find info on the exact oil type, but the manual does have it of course. My question is simply what is different about the 2020 that requires this weird...
  14. J

    High oil pressure in 1991 Wrangler 2.5L

    Cause of high oil pressure in 1991 Wrangler 2.5L
  15. T

    oil pan removal help!

    I have a 2000 Jeep cherokee and am having a problem figuring out how to get the oil pan off. I believe my oil pump isnt working correctly and i am running low oil pressure. at idle, the oil pressure drops off completely at times once the engine is warmed up. if its the main bearings to blame...
  16. J

    placed a new oil filler cap, now my oil pressure gage is high.

    I was missing an oil filler cap for the tube, and when I put one on, my oil pressure gauge ran real high and oil came out the dipstick tube. is there NOT supposed to be a cap on it? or is it supposed to be of the breather variety? I'm learning all this any way I can!! any help or advice will...
  17. J

    new '81 cj-7, question about the 360 AMC (or chrysler? same thing?) in it...

    I recently picked up an 81 cj-7. Complete with it's few issues. Now, call me stupid, or whatever, that's fine, but I'm learning everything about engines from scratch with this one. My question is: I'm trying to figure out what the big silver tube-like thing is coming out of the front of the...
  18. C

    2000 Grand Cherokee Oil Leak

    I have a 2000 Grand Cherokee Limited with a V8 4.7L that is leaking oil out of the front part of the motor. Looks like its leaking right out of the oil filter area, but its not because of the oil filter. Any suggestions? Is there a plug or something in the front of the motor that I should check?
  19. DIY4X4

    Featured Product for May, “AMSOIL XL (Extended Life) Motor Oil

    AMSOIL XL (Extended Life) 7,500-mile Synthetic Motor Oils exceed the current performance requirements for gasoline engines and deliver exceptional performance by controlling wear and maximizing fuel economy. AMSOIL XL Synthetic Motor Oils are convenient and cost effective. They last longer...
  20. DIY4X4

    Product of the Month: "AMSOIL Severe Gear Lubricant"

    Well, its that time of year again. Time to get busy on those preventative maintenance projects we've put off during the winter. One of the first things you might want to look at is your front and rear differentials. When was the last time you changed your gear lubricant? It's probably one of the...