1. TerryMason

    Server upgrade complete

    I've just upgraded our server OS, from the old one (Centos 7) to our new one (Alma Linux 8). Things look to be running pretty good, but let me know if there is any weirdness. You can post here, or if you can't get in / something big is broken, just email me - webmaster at jeepz
  2. Pear

    2005 TJ Slips Out Of Gear

    My '05 TJ started slipping out of gear. It's an automatic. She has 130,000 miles. She's going through a wear cycle and has many codes: ----- P0871 - Overdrive hydraulic pressure switch circuit. P2096 - Downstream post catalyst fuel trim system 1 lean. (TSB?) P2098 - Downstream post catalyst...
  3. B

    First post!

    I'm a new member and also a new jeep owner! Glad to be here!
  4. M

    Hello, I'm new here and am looking to learn.

    Hi, I'm Mike. I've been driving Jeeps, on and off, for close to 40 years. Unfortunately I didn't spend much of that time learning about them. I am mechanically inclined as I restore Harleys for a hobby. Now I'm ready to build a Jeep. Baby steps at first but I hope to learn quickly. I guess the...
  5. R

    Tire carrier vertical post.

    I have a 95 wrangler with what I think is a Rugged Ridge oversized, A frame spare tire carrier that is missing the 2inch square, vertical post. I've made a replacement with some square tubing I had. My question is how tall is that vertical post supposed to be? I have plenty of length on the one...
  6. S

    Vacuum Canister Reloc to Mount New Front Bumper.

    Brand new to the game.....Just started modding a 2016 4door Rubi I bought used last year. Nothing fancy, just installed a Barricade front bumper that required relocating a vacuum canister welded to the front end. Post installation, I receive an aural buzz of about 20 seconds shortly after...