1. stumblnyj

    Super Duty Axle Swap into a YJ

    After a super long break, I m back and ready to sideline my Jeep again for several months or even years. I just picked up some 1 ton axles for my next project of swaping them into my YJ. Before I start has anybody tackled this project and have tips or tricks they learned from their project? Also...
  2. 7

    CJ enthusiast

    Hello from North Carolina! I have a CJ7 jeep project going on and hope to learn something new here. I may also be interested in selling the CJ project and moving on to something else.
  3. R

    Help setting up Holley 4160 390cfm

    Doing complete rebuild 1977 cj7 258 base model. I've installed a Offenhauser ofy-5999dp intake with 6 into 1 Headman Hedder and Holley 4160 390cfm carb. Im just learning as i go on this project and now im stuck. I don't know how to set-up the throttle linkage. Came with single barrel yf...
  4. R

    How to deal with this cable on an XJ95 3" lift project

    Hi Everyone - My lift project is coming along. The front is done and I'm wrapping up the rear (I think!). But I have some cables that are too short and are keeping me from putting the axle back in place. I thought they were brake lines at first, but this is not the case. Perhaps they are ebrake...
  5. V

    Ryan from Vintage Jeep Company

    Hey everyone - thanks for letting us join JEEPZ.COM's ultimate Jeep forum! We're excited to be a part of it and look forward to following builds and restorations on here! We specialize in CJ7 full, frame-off restorations - based out of Columbus, OH. You can visit our website for more...
  6. B

    2001 XJ Project

    Here's the deal: I have an 2001 XJ that I rolled last summer (I'm young and dumb). I decided to chop into something awesome to go off road with but I started college and didn't have time. So its been sitting back home and in my free time I try to get an idea of what I want to do. I found a...
  7. pschreiner

    CJ6 Project for sale

  8. madmax91

    '77 CJ Restoration Project

    Hello avid Jeep enthusiasts. I've always loved/wanted a Jeep ever since my first ride in my uncle's '90 Jeep Wrangler. Now, I have the opportunity to buy a 1977 Jeep CJ for dirt cheap ($500), but it needs some serious restoration work. The owner says it runs with a leak at the base of the carb...
  9. 8

    Jeep trade

    I want to trade my 87 yj project for a good working street legal jeep i would like it to be lifted and have a working 4 wheel drive i want as a daily driver and weekend trail 87 yj needs some work to be running well again but she is a beast offroad she has 1ton axels w/ 4.56 gears...