1. J

    2021 Rubicon acceleration issues

    I have a 2021 Rubicon JL that has been in the shop for 3 months. I get it back for a day or 2 max before returning it. Here is my issue..Please help! Loses acceleration, when trying to give more gas, the vehicle does not respond. You can hear it trying but it just does not go any faster. If I...
  2. bradleyheathhays

    XJ fuel pump going out?

    '96 XJ here, and in all the time I've had this one since 2007 the fuel pump has never been replaced. So unless it was replaced in that first 10 years or so I'm still working with the original one installed. Just twice now in the last week I've noticed a kind of quieter whiney sound...
  3. D

    who's is the best

    I have been reviewing fuel pumps and I am at a loss of which to purchase. I got the tank out, without breaking anything, but my question is who makes a quality pump as I do not want to ever drop this tank again. Please let me hear from one of you with some advice. thanks Dusty
  4. P

    Please help

    I have a 95 jeep wrangler that is have one problem that I can't solve. In the mornings when it's nice and cool out it runs fine. It runs like a new jeep but when it warms up out side later in the day I get a bad hesitation and 2000 to 2500 rpm and no check enginelight comes on. I've replaced...
  5. C

    2008 Jeep Liberty

    I have a 2008 Jeep Liberty and it has been running fine until Monday last week. What is happening is when I start the vehicle it will not take the fuel, or idle and then shuts off. After about 20 minutes of cranking and shutting off finally it will run half decent so I can drive it. About 10...
  6. I

    1991 YJ Fuel pump electrical issue

    1991 YJ 4.0 Automatic. Fuel pump was not working and, by the way, I think it was actually dead. Before I get there, though, the orange striped wire to the pump is, I understand, supposed to provide about 2 seconds of juice to prime the pump. I could only get it to provide an instant of...
  7. J

    88 cherokee 4.0 help

    i aquired an 88 cherokee 4.0 was running the guy i got it from was about out of fuel went to the station paid for his gas got distracted and forgot to pump it inevidably he ran out hes not a mechanic so after he pulls relays and lost them and tried a few other idiots suggestions he finally came...
  8. TerryMason

    Need alittle help with my GMC Acadia fan problem

    I broke down and took my wife's 2012 to the shop for some AC work. They replaced everything (compressor, condenser, and others), until there was only the cooling fan left. They also mentioned that I needed a water pump. I decided I could do these two things on my own. So, I've gotten the...
  9. D

    1994 Jeep YJ fuel pump issue

    Hello all...name is Jeff...I have been working on repairing/replacing things on my 1994 YJ in my garage for about 4-5 years...literally has been off the road on jack stands and garaged. I am really close now and have run into an issue. Hope you can help. One of those repairs was a leaking gas...