1. B

    1987 CJ How Reasonable to Restore

    Hi All, First timer here I previously had a 2006 wrangler but no jeep in recent years. My neighbor now has a 1987 CJ in their driveway that used to be their beach car. To get to the point I'm considering making them an offer (5K or so) on the car, I'm interested in making it a project car that...
  2. C

    New from Gainesville, GA

    Hi everyone. I am the new owner of an '84 CJ7 that my late, beloved brother bought new, and his wife wanted me to restore it because he loved it so much. It has turned out to be a job that may be much bigger than I (and that's pretty big). I have it taken all to pieces, sanded, primed, sanded...
  3. 1983CJ7

    Restoring my CJ7

    I am new as a Jeep owner - I have wanted one ever since my first Armed Forces day ride back in the day. Anyway, I have a CJ7 in need of lots of work, so where to start? What's the best way to get going on this without the CJ7 sitting in pieces for years in my garage? I am scouring the...