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    Jeep wrangler vacuum hose kit?

    Plastic lines need to be replaced. Can you get them?
  2. W

    Distributer Vacuum Advance Delay Valve

    The following device was inline before my distribute vacuum advance. It has "Ford" written on it and the model number "D8OE-AA". I cannot seem to find any data about it anywhere. Can someone tell me about it and is it necessary? I would not mind just leaving it out if possible.
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    front differential vacuum issues

    Hi , I'm a total new guy to forums and such. I'm sure someone has encountered this issue I have a '88 wrangler 4.2. I got it not running and a total wiring and vacuum tube mess. trying to eliminate most if possible. Are there any alterations for the vacuum controlled 4x4? Don't need auto...
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    Vacuum Reservoir Delete

    I have an 88 YJ with a AMC 258 4.2 I6. It has the Aisin Warner AX15 5-Speed Manual Transmission. I am installing a Motorcarft 2150 carb. this weekend. I received the carb from a gentleman in Colorado that puts these kits together a few years ago. I have not messed with the Jeep for a while, but...
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    Vacuum leak- maybe?

    I have a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo (only 175K miles) that had developed a new problem that I've never seen. I am hoping it's as simple as a vacuum leak and not a transmission that's about to go south. It has an automatic transmission, but last week it was acting (in town driving) like I...
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    CJ5 6L 258 Vacuum mess

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a resotred CJ5, physicaly beautiful, but upon inspection of the engine bay, I knew few things were not properly done. I am not sure what diagram would fit my setup so I am looking for some help. Also what parts could fit for the CTO Switch and PCV Valve? This is...
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    Vacuum Canister Reloc to Mount New Front Bumper.

    Brand new to the game.....Just started modding a 2016 4door Rubi I bought used last year. Nothing fancy, just installed a Barricade front bumper that required relocating a vacuum canister welded to the front end. Post installation, I receive an aural buzz of about 20 seconds shortly after...
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    Vacuum routing

    I am in the end stages of doing a frame off restoration of my 1979 CJ5 with a 304. The vacuum lines are killing me. When I got the jeep 14 months ago, most vacuum lines were either cut or capped or hooked up haphazardly. There is an aftermarket air filter unit (edelbrock), and no air pump, such...
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    97 GC won't start when cold

    1997 Grand Cherokee won't start, but turns over only when cold. Replaced pcv valve elbow because it was cracked. Will start if vacuum line is pulled off the intake. Had mechanic check with scanner, but no codes were found. Vacuum is at 19", fuel pressure at 55 psi, but drops when setting still...
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    Help me please I messed up...

    I just got done doing the head gasket on my 99 wrangler. When i got everything back together i was double checking the vacuum and electrical connections to make sure i didn't miss anything. I dont know were this outlet on the side of my intake manifold goes to, i remember taking three off of...
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    Carburetor Woes

    Ok so I just rebuilt my POS Carter 2 bbl and went to hook up vaccuum again and have a port on the back of my carb right below the stepper motor that is open and I cant figure out what goes there? Now I also cant get the thing to idle right. Ive read a bunch of stuff online and have figured a...
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    Vacuum lines, Brake Booster intake connection

    Hey so just re ran all most of my vaccuum lines in my 88yj 4.2L with the 2 BBL Carter...i know a pos....anyways when the brake booster connects to the intake manifold there is another vacuum port but I dont have any idea where it is supposed to run. According to the diagram I have in my Chilton...