1. Knuckles

    Koenig winch shifter

    Hello all. I've been looking for a shift mechanism for this Koenig winch. I'm to the point now of looking for a picture of it so I can make one. Can someone supply the mechanism or post a picture of one?
  2. prariepunk

    New winch for my JKU Recon

    I got the ok to get a winch for the Jeep. I grabbed the Badlands Apex 12,000. Now I'm just waiting on better weather to make my kids (10m & 18f) install it ��
  3. Gennybro

    wiarn 8000 lb winch

    Is the winch ample enough for a yj ? Cable or rope , which is the best ? Have a price of 2300 installed. Any thoughts ?
  4. G

    Winch bump stop

    Warn winch bump stop will not fit 3/8” synthetic line (goes through hook and braided back into itself). Newbie question but hoping to see what consensus is for a bump stop that will fit that setup.
  5. Fueled 4WD

    WRAN Winch Cash Rebate Going On Now

    WARN Cash Rebate Program Going On Now! Customers who purchase qualifying truck/SUV winches can receive up to a $150 cash rebate. Customers who purchase a WARN ProVantage™ powersports winch can receive a $50 rebate. Valid On Purchases Made February & March 2014 Check Them Out Here...
  6. motobilt

    12 LED Light Bar Mount for Winch Fairlead

    Thanks for checking out Motobilt products. This is one of the new products released at Motobilt. This LED Light Bar Mount places a 12 inch LED Light Bar just above the winch fairlead. Installation is easy as it bolts between the winch fairlead and the fairlead mount. The bracket is designed...
  7. Fueled 4WD

    FACTOR 55 Flatlinks Now Shipping!

    Another great innovation from FACTOR 55. The all new Flatlink is compatible with roller fairleads, hawse fairleads, wire and synthetic ropes. Is compact enough to fit behind fairlead mounted license plates too! On Sale with Free Shipping. Get yours today. Click Here To Get Yours!
  8. Fueled 4WD

    FACTOR 55 Prolink Loaded On Sale For $129.95 Plus Free Shipping Til 8/15

    FACTOR 55 Prolink Loaded On Sale For $129.95 Plus Free Shipping Til 8/15 Replace conventional winch hooks with the new safer, stronger, and smarter Factor 55 ProLink shackle mount. Factor 55 introduces the new ProLink shackle mount for winch cables and synthetic ropes. Engineered and...
  9. Fueled 4WD

    Factor 55 ProLink Shackle Mounts, Hitch Links & Winch Locks At FUELED 4WD!

    Factor 55 ProLink Shackle Mounts, Hitch Links & Winch Locks Factor 55’s team of specialized engineers provide a strong, safer secure link that puts less stress on recovery straps and allows your winch to perform at maximum capacity. We also carry hitch links and winch locks for winches...
  10. Fueled 4WD

    WARN Winch Spring Rebates!

    WARN Winch Spring Rebates! Promotion Valid on Winch Purchases Made In March & April 2013! Up to 100.00 Rebate On WARN Truck, SUV & Utility Winches WARN Industries | Winches, Hubs, Bumpers, Body Armor, Recovery Equipment & More | FUELED 4WD FREE Shipping On Orders Over $149 USE Promo Code...
  11. M

    1975 Jeep J-20 $3500 OBO Salem, OR

    This is a 1975 Jeep with 80,000 miles. It has a V8 360 C.I.D motor that runs well and a Dana 44 front, Dana 60 rear, Dana 20 transfer case, and T-18 4 Speed Manual Transmittion. It has two battery in it. The Jeep also come with a custom built Tool Rack and a Heavy Duty Front Bumper that is ready...
  12. DeadHammer

    Pull Pal?

    Does any have or ever used a pull-pal Pull-Pal winch anchor for 4x4, Jeep, ATV, off-road, all-terrain-vehicle, military, D.O.D., Department of Defense to un-stick their stuck jeep do they work? It looks pretty simple was thinking about trying to weld one up at work (I got stuck in a 5 ft snow...