1. M

    Getting through the emissions test

    The time has come again for the annual test on my 1994 XJ. Last year it just squeaked through by 0.1%. This year I feel that it might not make it at all. Can anyone suggest ways that will cut the emissions. I have tried all sorts with little success, so ANY SUGGESTIONS will be welcome. Just...
  2. superj

    Merry christmas to all

    May your day be joyful and your new year be prosperous
  3. TerryMason

    Shout out to Dewalt

    I have a year old Dewalt 20v 1.5AH battery that stopped taking a charge. I figured before I recycle it, I may as well try to see if it's under warranty I got online and chatted with the Dewalt bot on their website. It setup an account for me, verified my battery was one year old, and shipped...
  4. G

    Maintenance schedule - new owner

    Hi everyone, I've searched the forum but haven't found anything that fits the bill. I just bought a 2012, Sport, 4-door, manual, with 183K (km) on it - 4-door because I have kids, otherwise would have gone with the 2. I want to keep it for 10 years after which time I'll be moving to Panama or...
  5. Randun

    Happy New Year

    Wishing everyone a very happy New Year and a prosperous 2021. I hope you all have an amazing weekend, and thank you all for the great advise in my posts!
  6. H

    Parts suggestions

    I have a1973 cj5 304 t-15 transmission. I am looking for the release handle and cable for the parking brake. I have found a 1972 release handle but the sites are clear that they will not work. So Is it possible to find another model year pedal mechanism that will work? My parking brake...