1. 2002 TJ problems

    I just bought a 2002 TJ and its hard to start for one and the check engine light came on. I had it coded at autozone and its P0301 and P0303. When i checked with the guy i bought to from, he said he changed out to coil strip, plugs and the #1 injector. all of these are probable causes to the problem but it didnt fix it. Any suggestions on what to do next? Spring is almost here and im ready to go topless!!!!

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    Re: 2002 TJ problems

    The codes suggest you are getting a misfire or no fire. I'd suggest removing the coil strip, removing the plugs, checking the plug gap carefully, re-install the plugs and torque them, re-install the coil strips after checking to make sure they are not damaged, clear the codes, and then give it a whirl. When installing the coil strip, make sure you get a solid connection to the plug nipples.

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