Custom parking brake solution for a disc brake conversion


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I have a 93 Sahara with a 8.8 swapped rear axle, and the conversion to the disc brakes cost the previous owner the parking brake system.

I'm looking at off-the-shelf solutions, but I had an idea I wanted to vet with the custom welding get-stuff-done people around here.

What if I welded a hinged bracket above the brake pedal that could articulate and lock into position, and then adjust pressure on the pedal with a bolt (or similar threaded ram)?

If there's a leak in the lines, it could lose grip and roll, but I don't have any parking brake right now. Thoughts?

The hinge idea wouldn?t be a great idea in my honest opinion. I have used the hinge style locking system on pieces of equipment that have one pedal for forward and reverse and using the brake isn?t necessary. Safety wise I would be afraid of locking the mechanism up while normal breaking and then have to fully press the pedal to release. Do your rear brakes not have a hat that house the emergency brake. Some pictures would help.

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My rear brakes are disc on a Ford axle, so I don't see any mechanical way other than hydraulic force to clamp them down. That's why I was thinking of a little assembly that I'd fold out of the way until I needed to park my Jeep, and then I could fold it toward the pedal, away from the firewall, and clamp the brake pedal down.

It sounds reasonable, except that it requires the brake system to hold that pressure and I'm not sure how dependable that might be for days or weeks on end.
You know, I think I might be overcomplicating this... I think I'll try putting a footman loop on the floor beneath my brake pedal, and use a ratchet strap to lock the pedal down. Same concept, fewer parts.

Before I try this, does anyone have any concerns over the brake system holding pressure for that long?

If it loses pressure sitting, something is wrong anyways so its a good test
I have an 05 with a Ford 8.8 that I swapped in.

You can see a bit more here:
TerryMason's 2005 Jeep TJ Build

I had to look through that thread, but I ended up using ZJ parking brake lines


I did the swap back in 2013, so the memory is a bit fuzzy, but my parking brake works normally.
I'd note that the Ford 8.8 I have came with disc brakes - I didn't have to do any conversion there.
I have an 05 with a Ford 8.8 that I swapped in.

I had to look through that thread, but I ended up using ZJ parking brake lines

I looked at the calipers that I have on my Jeep, and they only have ports for the hydraulic fluid. They seem to lack the spring/corkscrew mechanism found on some disc brakes... That's a real bummer. Thanks for taking the time to find that info for me. May your bolts always break free and your nuts stay where you intended.

This is the passenger side rear brake, looking from the front of the Jeep back. Parking brake is at top, it's the part with the spring.

Does your axle not have these mounts? The parking brake on the Ford 8.8 doesn't use the caliper itself, but instead operates a pair of brake shoes. My 8.8 has both pads and shoes on each side.


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@TerryMason That's pretty handy, but unfortunately my calipers don't have such a bracket, spring, or anything like that. Just simple small calipers with a port for the hydro. Thanks for the picture, and I appreciate the time you put into helping me.