Engine died and blowing fuses



1999 TJ 4.0 manual. At 2am today I was driving home, stopped at a light, and when I pressed the gas to move the engine stalled and would not restart. It cranks hard, battery is fine, but wouldn't start.

Today I checked my fuses and it looks like #18 under the hood, labeled as "fuel injector", was blown. I replaced it, tried to start the Jeep, the fuse blew again. Discovered that fuse #27, leak detection pump and O2 sensor, was also blown. Replaced both and the engine fired right up.

I checked the fuel injector wiring and I don't see anything exposed or rubbing.

Short of going over the entire harness what would be the next place I should check?

nothing near the exhaust and no melted looking spots?

if the reverse light wire connected down on the transmission near the shifter? if so, maybe that is rubbed and caused the short? maybe when the engine torqued over, it caused the wire to touch the transmission and popped the fuses?
I was thinking Camshaft position sensor until you mentioned all the blown fuses.
The blown fuses do sound like some brakes in the wiring harness to me.
As noted above: Inspect wiring for damage. If your engine rocks that much when starting or accelerating it could short a wire. It is time to change engine and transmission mounts.

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