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Hello from Tucson, Arizona We just purchased a 1987 Jeep Comanche and are planning to restore to daily status. Want to put the 97 thru 01 front end and newer doors with power windows.It's a short bed 4x4, 6 cylinder, automatic with 147,000 miles and has good power. I'd like to find out what model it is, the vin# is 1JTMP6318HT118388 ANY help will be greatly appreciated, thanks,
That Comanche is a great starting point for a build. The 6cyl at 147K miles is just getting broken in assuming it has been reasonably care for.

IMHO, the e-windows add more complications than they are worth in a cab that size, but YMMV.

The Comanches aren't seen much these days, so your Jeep will have a nice presence on the road ans trail.

Pics would be nice to see.